East-West Trading House is an international team of well-rounded and versatile professionals based in Moscow and Dubai. We are set to make high quality organic products, both healthy and exotic, as well as complex and holistic medical solutions available to Russian consumers at all times.

We believe it is important in the current economic situation not only to find suitable local substitutes for the products that have been traditionally (and not always justifiably) imported from Europe. It is also important, difficult as it seems, to try and find better and healthier overseas alternatives and import routs to make our food choices and nutritional preferences more wholesome and diversified.

We do believe that Russia is capable of producing a sustainable amount of basic agricultural products. However, it is very important that people continue enjoying an increasing variety and quality of the best flavours and gustatory delights the World has to offer.

To achieve that goal in the changing geo-political situation without sacrificing the quality and gastronomic diversity of our every-day life, Russia should look to redirect its import routs and capital into more stable and friendly agricultural markets. This is our chance to combine the best of what we can grow domestically with carefully selected overseas products to ensure that the gustatory and nutritional quality of our daily food remains as high as ever and even improves overtime.
This is exactly where we stand on this field! We believe that gastronomic and gustatory diversity of foodstuffs is emotionally and even politically crucial, and we are striving to make Russia’s consumer culture as diversified and healthy as it wants it to be. In a word, WE HELP YOU TURN GREAT PRODUCTS INTO GREAT FOOD!