East-West Trading House, Pharmaceutical Division, is a team of dedicated professionals who have been actively working with pharmacy retail chains in Russia for more than 15 years. We have successfully completed several sales promotion projects, including ground-up launches, for such international Pharma giants as Takeda, Pfizer and the biggest player on the Russian OTC market – Pharmstandart. Our HQ office is situated in Moscow, Russia.

To give you a rough idea of the potential this market has to offer, it is a dynamically growing number of over 55.000 retail outlets with 40 large pharmacy chains taking up more than 60% of the whole market. We have that market space covered completely with our own network of regional representatives and well-established relations with the key players.

We are continuously researching and analysing the market in terms of identifying emerging niche categories, new products (or forms), leading trends, and innovative companies helping them to connect successfully to the new markets in the vast territory of the Russian Federation.

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East-West Trading House

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East-West Trading House LLC
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